Sleeping Children Around the World

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One of our mission projects at Merlin United Church is Sleeping Children around the world.

Sleeping Children Around the World provides bedkits for children in underdeveloped and
developed countries in the world.100% of the donation for a bedkit reaches a needy child.
It cost $35.00 for a bedkit which consists of plastic mat,mosquito net,blanket,sheets,
pillow,shorts,t shirts,towel, tooth brushes,poncho,slippers,socks,school bag,notebooks,
coloured pencils,sharpener,pens,ruler,lunch box,back pack.. As this is a charity  tax receipts are given.
It was founded in 1970 by Murray and Margaret Dryden. Over $23 million has been
raised and in 2009 the 1 millionth bedkit was prepared. Each child is photographed
with a bedkit and the photo is then sent to the original donor.
Volunteers go to the country and help in distribution of the bedkits and if at all possible
kits are made in that country which also provides work for the people there.

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